BMK provides services in the organization of domestic, international and logistic services tailored to the individual needs of the customer. Experience in the transport industry and professional service are attributes that give our Clients a guarantee of the safety of entrusted cargo, timeliness of delivery and reliability of execution of each order.

Long-lasting business gives our customers a sense of comfort resulting from the credibility, reliability and professionalism of their employees. Confirming our competence is cooperation with the largest logistic operators in Poland and Europe. Our company provides services in the area of comprehensive transport of items and oversized equipment.

In the oversized transport we organize:

We have a diversified fleet which allows the flexibility and efficiency of each of our customers. We have all the certificates, licenses and insurances necessary to carry out transport and forwarding activities, and each of the vehicles is licensed to carry both national and international transport. Transports are organized in accordance with the requirements of the CMR Convention and the instructions of the payer. All vehicles are equipped with GPS. This allows us to have more control over the shipments and more accurate information about the shipping route.


At present our fleet consists of:

Standard / mega semi-trailer
  • Sizes: 13,6 x 2,45 x 2,75/3,0 m
  • volume: 90/100 m3
  • capacity: 24t
  • Number of europallets: 33
  • Sizes: 2 x [7,8 x 2,48 x 3,0] m
  • volume: 120 m3
  • capacity: 24 t
  • Number of europallets: 38
  • Sizes: 6,0 x 2,45 x 2,4 m
  • volume: 35 m3
  • capacity: 5 t
  • Number of europallets: 15
Cold / Isotherm
  • Sizes: 13,6 x 2,43m x 2,5m
  • volume: 88 m3
  • capacity 22 tony
  • Number of europallets: 33
Standard platforms
  • Sizes: 13,5 x 2,50
  • capacity: 24t
Low platform platforms with raids
  • length: 4,05 + 9,45 m
  • capacity: 25,0 t
Platforms stretched with balcony
  • length: 3,35 + 8,9 m
  • Stretch: 5,1 m
  • capacity: 24,0 t